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Enterprise Data Journal (formerly Data Strategy Journal) provides business leaders and IT professionals with candid guidance on how to manage and utilize their organizational data. We provide educational articles and webcasts, opinion from industry experts, and updates on important trends and products.

In order to facilitate constructive discussion about the challenges, solutions and best practices in data management, our goal is to connect individuals with their peers as well as experts in the industry. As much as possible, we endeavor to share practical experience via peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. This is reflected by the many articles, case studies and perspectives we publish from corporate practitioners who are “in the field” every day. This philosophy in turn is drawn from our years of experience conducting educational conferences for IT and business professionals. EDJ was founded by Wilshire Conferences, inc. and is currently published and edited by Tony Starker.

Data Governance Defined

Data governance is one of those topics that many people agree to talk about, explore, and even implement. However, when you ask for a definition, you get many different answers.

Focus on Semantic Technology

We have witnessed over the years the progression from basic machine languages, to higher-level procedural languages, and then to object-oriented languages.

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Enterprise Data Journal attracts a professional, focused audience interested in data management solutions. The nature of their needs and challenges means that the vast majority of our readership comes from very large organizations. They come from both the public and corporate sectors, and they influence or recommend the acquisition of software and services.

Opportunities are available to connect with our audience in a variety of ways, including advertising, webcasts, sponsored research, white papers and event sponsorship. Our unique audience and creative promotional solutions will assist in you in attracting the attention and delivering the message you need to reach your target market. To learn more about Enterprise Data Journal advertising and promotional opportunities, please send an email to info (at) enterprisedatajournal.com.

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Our Focus

These are the topics we are interested in talking about. If you are interested also and like to contribute please contact us.

Data Security

Protecting and auditing all Client systems to make sure they are safe and no back-doors are available for hackers.

Data Storage

All the latest sources and topics for data storage and encryption that is up-to-date on today’s IT landscape.

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